Our First Trip to American Girl

I want to give you the low-down on my experience at American Girl. So you can have an informed idea of what you are getting yourself into!

1.How our trip came to be…

Our trip to American Girl was amazing! The reason for our trip was due to my oldest daughter, Madison, 7th birthday. Due in part to the fact that she worked so hard during first grade, I promised her that if she got straight A’s, we would visit  American Girl. I currently reside in Dayton Ohio, so we had to travel to Columbus which was the nearest store location.

2.A Brief History of American Girl

The American girl is every little girl’s dream.  These dolls are targeted towards girls that are ages of 8 to 11 years old. The American girl concept was originally made up 18-in dolls offered in a variety of different ethnicities, geared to help educate girls about different eras in  American history. They executed this idea by producing a doll per time in history & coordinating book series from the viewpoint of the girl (doll). It has since expanded to represent contemporary lifestyles.


3.Doll choices & Why I chose the Doll I Chose.

Self-love is the most powerful thing a girl or woman can possess. In my opinion, It will make you unstoppable, more productive, and all around happier. Studies have shown that dolls help young girls with their own personal racial identity & help cultivate a healthy self-image. By giving my daughter a doll that looks like her, I am letting her know that “Look, baby, there are other people that look like you! You are beautiful! You matter!” I discovered through research on the importance of ethnic dolls, that in a 1940s experiment, African-American children were given the choice between white and black dolls,& they overwhelmingly chose the white doll and assigned it to be the more positive character traits.

With all that being said, I chose the  “Truly Me” dolls because it gave us the capability of mixing my daughter’s skin tone, hair type, and hairstyle to make the doll look more like my daughter.

So this Doll thing was very calculated move guys! Check out the experiment:



4.How much it will cost! 

For the Truly Me doll, the retail price was $115. I was pleasantly surprised because the doll came equipped with an outfit! I was under the impression I had to buy literally every single piece separately! My lucky streak kept going because when I got to the register because we were spending over $50, I also got another outfit for $14!. Also, we made the trip to Columbus a day trip, so I also purchased a carrying case for $30. So all of that brought me to a whopping total of $179 after taxes!!

  Summary Price



Carrying case-$30



5.Added services

Once you buy the doll, the fun has just begun! They treat these dolls like royalty. There are so many added services they offer for your doll. From matching outfits for your daughter and the doll, the doll could have a spa treatment (cucumber facial included!), hairstyling  & mani/Pedi options!!

We opted for her doll, named Isabella, to get her hair done and a mani/Pedi.

For both services, it cost me an additional $20.


6.Our experience

American Girl was such a great experience! From the ambiance of the store is so bright and cheerful to the fact there were so many different options you can mix and match with! You literally can have your doll become anything! Everything that you want your daughter to be able to do can be reflected through her doll. I thought it was such a positive experience! I think that providing a healthy way for her to see herself, in the form of something that she plays with all the time, is one of the most ingenious ideas ever! Thank you, American girl!!

Slay. Read. Work. Pray.

-Christina Mendez


In front of The store!

IMG_7951 (1)

Time to Pick a doll!

IMG_7953 (1)

We have a winner!

IMG_7948 (1)

Time to pay up!

IMG_7955 (1)

Madison choosing a hairstyle for her doll.

IMG_7957 (1)

This style is called a “Waterfall”.

IMG_7936 (1)

Traveling in style!

IMG_7949 (1)

Happy Birthday, Madison!

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