I’m going be completely honest. I was not that excited about taking my 4-year-old and 7-year-old to a musical. I thought it was too sophisticated of an event to take my little girls too. (My son is 2. He did not attend because his attention span is 15 minutes per activity and then the waterworks start!)


Our tickets were a gift from my daughter family so there was no way we were not going. It was such an extremely nice gesture seeing these tickets run about $100 a pop! (You read that right!)

I digress.

My mother was a big fine arts enthusiast. I grew up going to ballets, symphonies, and plays. So, I was all too familiar with what to expect, how to conduct myself and the dress code. Of course, my daughters had never even heard the word musical, I had to explain to them what and where we were going.

I got them all excited, explained that we were going to a very nice show, it would be fancy, and lots of people would be there too.I also told them we had to look our very best! We all got dressed in our pretty dresses, sandals, and my babies brought out their cute dainty purses.


Dressed in their pretty dresses!

Away we went!!

We get to the Schuster Center ( We live in Dayton, Ohio)  and checked in. An usher showed us to our seats.I explained that each ticket matches to a seat with a number and that is where we were to sit.( Great opportunity to practice number recognition)

Soon the show was going to start!


Our View!

As the show started my mouth dropped!

In front of my eyes were amazingly crafted costumes, perfectly in tune singers, beautiful dancers flying across the stage.I was so shocked at how incredible this performance was and it was only the first 10 minutes! I looked over at my babies and their eyes were glued to the stage like they were watching their favorite episode on Nickelodeon.They stayed like that the entire show.( I was completely shocked!)

The play was literally flawless! It was spot on to the movie that premiered nearly 20 years ago. I grew up with Lion King on a VHS & I introduced that same VHS to my kids! I sang to every single song. I was so happy that my daughters got to see beautiful, black dancers at the top of their game. It was a magical experience. I am so grateful I got to expose my children to this show.I recommend every parent take their children to see a Broadway show as it is an amazing experience to give them. It is definitely something different from your typical amusement park or museum experience!
Click here for upcoming show dates in a city near you!



Waiting for the show to begin!

IMG_8115 (1)

Julissa (4) & Madison (7)


-Christina Mendez


Slay. Read.Work. Pray.

PLACES: Our Time at the Theater

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