What You Can Learn From Steve Harvey

Being successful is not something comes to you all on your own, you do not just wake up and that’s it! You’re successful! NOPE!! It is a series of good choices, a positive mindset, and determination that makes one successful. Over the years, I have had made some huge, even some may say life-altering mistakes, that hindered my process of becoming successful. The saving grace, though, is that you can always start over. Every day’s a new day that encloses new gift and opportunity.

I’m going somewhere with this. Stay with me.

How do you gain knowledge on things you don’t know? Google?  Friends or family opinions?  There are many different ways. My choice form of gaining information is through books. I love to read. I believe being a well-versed woman (knowledgeable) gives you so many different benefits. You are able to be more articulate (speak well), you sound more educated, and you are more confident because you have a wealth of information to pull from. So here at Mendez Moments, you will always continue to see reviews on books from me. I don’t care how technologically advanced we become as a society. I will never ever stop reading books!! This leads me to my next point!

I have another book I want to share with you and encourage you to read!:

Steve Harvey’s “Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success”

One thing I have a learned on this road to success is that a major key to success is to put yourself around people that are MORE successful than you. Because they will be a daily reminder of where you want to be. But I know for some people that is not possible. Maybe you live in the hood and no one around is trying to get out, maybe you a young mom in foster care and there’s no positive role model. Here is where this book comes into play. It’s a very easy read, he speaks in terms that can relate to anybody, and you can use this fuel your desire to be successful even when all you have is you. Here some highlights:

Identifying your gift

Everyone has a gift; Something that they’re good at, something that they excel at so well as they could probably use that to help other people. Maybe you’re a good singer, or maybe you have a knack for caring for kids, or maybe you’re an amazing athlete. In this book, Steve shows you the steps you can take to identify what your greatest gift truly is. 

Formulating a plan

Once you have figured out your gift, it is time to formulate a plan in which your gift will allow you to be successful. What I like about this is that Steve give mini exercise in each section to help you with each requirement of each step. Some examples of exercises include:

  • Top 3  of  your personal excuses
  • How to clean out your personal circle
  • creating a REAL goal


His insight

Mostly what I enjoy about a Steve Harvey book is that he always come to you from a realistic familiar perspective. You feel like your dad is talking to you, Or a loving uncle. He keeps it real without being too preachy or sounding like he is speaking from a place of judgment.

As always I won’t give away the book, If you go the Libray section there’s a link to purchase!



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