How to Enjoy Being A Single Mother

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Now I know what you’re thinking, “Did she just use the word ‘Enjoy’ in the same sentence as ‘Single mom’?” Yep I did, I went there and let me tell you why. I KNOW being a single mother is NOT what you signed up for. I KNOW it is not easy. I KNOW firsthand how hard it is. BUT, this is your life as of now, maybe not forever, but as of now, and you HAVE to take charge of your life. And, the only way to take charge of your life is change your perspective. Change the way you view your current situation, and that alone will empower you.  It WILL lift the weight off you, I swear to you it will. Our lives are only as complicated as we make them. We control how we are going to react to life’s many twist and turns. Positive Psychology has proven to improve the lives of those who participate in the discipline. Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to realize Your Potential for Lasting fulfillment by Martin E.P. Selligman will expound upon these ideaideasntinue reading on to discover just what I mean by this.


  1. You get to enjoy Relationship Building with Your Children

Parenting is a very complex thing that we as humans put ourselves through WILLINGLY. (sometimes I ask myself “Why??”) The foundation of parenting is your values and morals, and how you go about instilling those beliefs into your children. Another part of patenting is perception. Perception from the parent, on what it means to be a good parent and perception form the child, on what a good parent is and how their parents make them feel. Now in a two-parent dynamic, the mother and father usually must do a balancing g act to make sure both parties morals and values are aligned with one another. This is in effort to ensure both parties feel that they are unified in the plan to raise children together. As a single mother, you don’t have that dynamic. Again, I know it causes more work and sometimes even frustration. But since we adopted our positive psychology mindset (see how I made the decision for you? Lol) we see that as single parent it is much easier to instill your core values and moral into you children uninterrupted. It easier to streamline education and everything for that matter because it is just you. Also, it gives you the opportunity to really get to know your children, because all you guys have is each other. Ultimately, that sets the child up for such a unbreakable bond that will be useful when they go into their teenage years where nothing is certain. You as the mother will be their haven form the confusing world of adolescence.


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  1. Time to Perfect Your Parenting Style

Building upon our Point #1, after you have embraced the perks of your single-hood, you can now focus on perfecting your parenting style. What will you be a stickler about? What will you be lax on? Will you be soccer mom or mom who focus a lot on athletics? Will you be PTA mom running the school boards? What type of mom will you be? Once you figure that out, then become a Master of that. OWN your life and your circumstances. Make a bad situation into a great experience.

  3.Sole control over decisions and Schedules

You are the BOSS!! Which means you are in control of everything (*cues the Cruella de Vil evil laugh music*) But no really, it so easy to plan your life and schedule when you just have yourself and your kids to worry about. Though single parenting is extremely hard, it does set it up for you to streamline your life and your organization if you do it right. So use that to your advantage!

To bring everything for circle ladies, single parenting doesn’t have to be depressing and full of sadness. Let change the way we think, which in turn molds our destiny!

mendez moments



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