Let’s start off by saying makeup is an ART. There no way around it. There is a technique and formula to a beat face. With that being said, Makeup is also difficult as hell to maneuver through when you’re just starting out. Think back to the first time you tried to contour your face your self *total tragedy*. So here are some beauty bloggers that you can actually learn from:

  1. Alyssa Forever

Alyssa hails from Indiana and just recently moved to LA about a year ago. Whats refreshing about Alyssa, is how down to earth she is. She’s really goofy, awkward, and sincere all rolled into one. I love her hair tutorials the most, but she is great about walking you through every step of makeup her looks! Whats even more impressive about Alyssa, is she recently she struggled with depression and she was brave enough to do an upload of her struggles. If that’s not real, we don’t know what is!



2. MakeupShayla

Shayla is bomb.com. Shayla started off literally just working at the MAC store and began to post her looks to Instagram and the rest was history. Now, she is an established beauty blogger so her videos are very well edited an amazing but again watching her video you don’t feel confused and you can trust she’s going to give you her honest opinion.


IG: @makeupshayla

3. Aaliyah Jay

Aaliyah is over the top and has such a thick New York accent but I think that’s what people like about her. She unapologetic and not scared to try daring looks. So she’s the go-to page when you’re going out and trying to hone your inner Nicki Minaj or Beyonce looks.


4. Amanda Ensing

If you want a very informative, detailed makeup tutorial, Amanda is your girl. She moved from TN to LA, her video uploads still remain consistent. It seems like she never runs out of ideas and looks, and they definitely air more on the sexy, glam side.



5. Ellarie

Ellarie is the perfect example of a #MOMBOSS! HEr daughter even has her own youtube channel with a following. Ellarie is super animated and detail orientated with her tutorials and she makes makeup seem so fun and easy.

ella arie.png


5 Beauty Bloggers You Can ACTUALLY Learn Makeup Techniques From

One thought on “5 Beauty Bloggers You Can ACTUALLY Learn Makeup Techniques From

  1. Most of the time when I looking for beauty bloggers follow I can’t tell who is a good one to go with. Plus they all can seem like their just ads. Some these ladies look great and seem like awesome ones to trust. And they’re gorgeous too. Thanks for this list!

    Danielle | FollowMyGut.com ❤


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