New Mindset, Who Dis?

Ok, I want you now to turn your attention to walking down memory lane. (Don’t worry this will be fun) Now think about the last time you go your hair done. How you shuffled in embarrassed that you let your hair get this ratty and raggedy, praying that you can go from the car to the salon chair, so no one will have to see how crazy you look. Now fast forward to when your stylist, turns you around in the chair and you lay eyes on yourself with your perfect head of hair. Feels good right? You feel confident, powerful, excited right? And when you leave the walls of the salon it’s almost like you have a pep in your step, like your a new woman. You’re unstoppable. Now here where I start making shit up.. now imagine your phone rings and because you’re on your Glamour high from the salon you pick up the phone and Say”new hair, who dis?” Like “Hello I look beautiful who are you?” HAHA I can only imagine what the person on the other line would say let alone think! But I took you through all that to say, when you feel beautiful you feel powerful. When you feel renewed you have confidence!


Apply how you feel about getting your hair done, to your mind. Take that same mentality of being confident and powerful into 2018.

But let’s get down to business, you need to equip yourself with more than just a new mindset to make 2018 into everything you want it to be.

  1. Get organized

    It is one thing to say “Im going to do this in 2018, Im going to do that”. It is an entirely different thing to proclaim your goals and have an organized plan to back it up with! Buy a planner and break down your goals by month, by day and my year! Cary that planner with you wherever r you go, keep referring back to it multiple times a day. By doing so you are training your mind to be focused on your goals. I swear by planners I have 5! 5-Glam-Planners-Post-Header.png

 2. Feed your mind positivity

This is something that cannot be done overnight, it something that you consistently have to work at. For example, in my process of trying to surround myself with nothing but motivation and positivity I started dissecting what do I give my attention too. I noticed that on my Instagram I was following nothing but celebrities and Instagram model. DASSIT. No wonder I felt sad and depressed like my life sucked, look at the standards I’m subconsciously holding myself too! Im not there……yet. So what I did was, I unfollowed all the celebrities id didn’t truly love, unfollowed lots of Instagram models because all I did was compare my beauty to theirs. Then I turned around and followed like a million Instagram accounts that focused on women entrepreneurship, motherhood, and fitness. Now when I go on my timeline, I am only focusing on positive things that are relevant to where I want my life to go. I know that they mean seem crazy, but it made of world of a difference for me and how I felt when I used my social media. Other ideas are when your driving to work, listen to and inspiration or an informative podcast. Read more books instead of scrolling for hours!Become obsessed with positive energy.


3.Detox, Detox, Detox

RUN AWAY FROM BAD VIBES! Anything that is not feeding your soul, filling you with joy, or stimulating your growth has got to go!! For example:

Get Rid of People who say your dreams are impossible.

Get Rid of People who gossip.

Get Rid of TOXIC romantic relationships

GET Rid of people who take but can never give.

Get Rid of people who make excuse for why they’re not successful

Get Rid of Lazy people.

Get Rid of Jealous friends.

You are trying to work on you, and all of your hard work will go right down the drain if you allow negativity to surround you, sleep next to you or seep into your conversations


   4. Affirmation and Mantras

Live by positive reinforcement, speak victory into your self and your life!

   5. Take care of yourself

As a mother, as women, we naturally put everyone around us first. We cant help it, it’s in our DNA. But if you really want to make 2018 the best year yet, you have got to start taking care of you. Whether that is getting your hair done, nails, I don’t care but take care of self. Becuase when you feel good we’ve already learned, it radiates!


Now here comes another imaginary phone call, *RING RING* You answer “New Mindset, Who Dis”

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