5 Money Apps That Are LIFE CHANGING

Money is a subject that everyone wants to avoid. Budgeting sucks, saving money is hard, and it seems like it is a constant struggle for all of us. But what if there was a way to save money without knowing it, get paid for the money you spend on items you regularly buy ,and pay on students loans without you knowing? Well, the apps I use do all these things!

1. Save money without knowing?


I was extremely skeptical about this app because in my head I’m like so how is this even possible? How can it save me money without me knowing? But guess what $700 in savings later, I can definitely say it works! Heres how it works:

I will say be mindful of if you have your bills automated because the app is designed to find saving opportunities based on our spending and available balance. Have no fear though, you can pause digit from saving and also if you need the money back, you can put it right back into your account. Happy Savings! For more information or to sign up click here.

2.Get paid for items you already buy!


This is a no-brainer, literally scan your receipts on items you bought at stores you go to every day and get cash back! I mostly use this at the grocery store but it applies to physical purchases and online purchases. Also, when I plan out my grocery list, I check my app to see what is eligible for cash back and I buy that brand instead! Then with your cash back pay a bill, buy groceries ,or better yet save it! For more information, on how it works click here.

3. Pay on Student Loans without knowing?


Now, this app is only IF you bank with Fifth Third Bank, but by being a customer you can add this additional app. It rounds up all the purchases you make with the connected debit card and applies the accrued change to your student loans!

unnamed (1)


For more information on Momentum click here.

4.Cashback on purchases with your debit/credit card


Unlike Ibotta, where scanning UPCs and receipts are apart of redeeming you cashback, Dosh app is automatic. Dosh gives cash back at your favorite restaurants and online purchases. Be mindful when you are trying to qualify for a cashback offer make sure if you’re using your debit card you choose CREDIT in order for Dosh to recognize the purchase. For more information click here.

5.Get free gift cards for walking into stores!


I’m warning you this app is addictive! With shopkicks, you earn “kicks” for walking into stores, scanning barcodes while browsing, or purchasing items! Then once you accrue so many kicks you cash them in for gift cards! The gifts cards range from Walmart to Tiffany & Co.! For more information, click here.

I use these apps every day all the time to make sure that I am always getting the best deal for the money I’m spending! I have saved so much money and even earned gift cards to furnish my house with. This is an extremely easy way save money, there’s no reason not to!

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