The Best Podcasts to Listen to for When You Miss Church

So as a single mom, I struggle with actually making it to church every Sunday. Usually, the reason I don’t make it is because I stayed up late Saturday night studying or one of my kids is sick, or even they have an early morning soccer game. Whatever the reason is missing church always feels like it throws off my entire week! Thank God for these podcasts! So what I do to stay properly aligned with God is I listen to these podcasts on the Sundays if possible during the time that I’d be at church!

Here is the one I listen too:

1.Elevation Church with Steven Furtick

For more information on Elevation Church, click here.

2. Transformation Church with Pastor Mike Todd

For more information on Transformation Church, click here.

3. Once Church LA with Pastor Toure and Sarah Roberts

For more information on One Church LA, click here.

4. The Potter’s House Dallas with T.D. Jakes

For more information on The Potter’s House, click here.

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