#MOMBOSS Memo: The First Time I Understood My Worth

Erica N. Bohannon is a young, faith-filled educator who resides in Trotwood, Ohio. She graduated from Sinclair Community College and Central State University with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She was also named Ohio’s 2016 Student Teacher of the Year by Ohio’s Student Education Association and is currently attending the University of Dayton to obtain her Masters in Early Childhood Leadership and Advocacy. Erica’s passion for teaching has derived from her will to learn and to as well as mastering the art of being a student. Erica has an 11- year old son named, “Chace” and enjoys building a relationship with Jesus as well as reading!!!

5 Money Apps That Are LIFE CHANGING

Money is a subject that everyone wants to avoid. Budgeting sucks, saving money is hard, and it seems like it is a constant struggle for all of us. But what if there was a way to save money without knowing it, get paid for the money you spend on items you regularly buy ,and pay on students loans without … Continue reading 5 Money Apps That Are LIFE CHANGING