I love makeup. Makeup loves me back. I look at makeup as a form of creative expression, nothing more nothing less. I don’t and won’t ever claim to be a beauty expert because I’m NOT! However,as young/single/or teen mother, it’s hard enough for us to provide for our children let alone ourselves. So when do we have time to think about our own beauty? FOR YEARS, I wore sweatpants, oversized tee shirts, and what my friends at the time called “shit buns” which was just me throwing a headband on my head and putting my hair in a messy bun. YEARS. I did this. Right around 22 or 23 I finally began to come out of my shell and feel as if I was pretty. I started to analyze myself, my body , my features. I started to love myself again. I accepted that I will never ever have the perfect figure or perfect hair. That I am beautiful just the way I am. I ALSO discovered you DO NOT have to have a lot of money to be stylish and chic. The style is how you wear it not what you wear. This section of Mendez Moments is dedicated to bringing you beauty post that you can Actually go out and buy! That fit within the budget for you as a young mother trying to find you way in the world! Let’s be beautiful together!


My favorite looks so far:

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