About the Founder

Hey readers!

My name is a Christina Mendez. I am a young mother of 3, 2 girls and 1 boy. I am an aspiring social worker, entrepreneur, author, broadcaster and like 7 million other things. I basically want the WORLD! I am also a student pursuing my bachelor’s in Mass communications. I work full time as a Development Manager at an allied health college and also have a second job at a hospital too! So I am all too familiar with the grind and of being a single, young mother.

I had my first baby at 17 and have been told ever since then I won’t amount to much because I was a teen mother. I am currently developing a book to help other girls and young women like myself live up to their greatest potential! I started this blog in efforts to reach the masses. I want to incorporate real-life, relevant, issues and stories into my project so I need all the feedback I can get! Tell me your story!

Anything is possible if you work hard every day at your dream!