” A library is a hospital for the mind”-Anonymous

There are so many components that makeup success, one key component is knowledge. In order to be successful in any arena of life, you have to have some sort of knowledge. It is fair to say the more knowledge one has on any given topic the more successful they are in the efforts behind that topic. Translation: The more you know the better off you’ll be. We are now in a day in age where not a living soul really ever has to read anymore. We can google, ask Siri (for iPhone users), or simply search the web for a summary with our answer inside of it.  Going about life that way only gives you bits and pieces of information, not a knowledge base. In my path as a teen mother, I was lost, I was confused, and  I lacked any type of knowledge that I needed to be a mother. But one thing I did know was, where to look. I knew anything I needed to know could be found in a book. I poured over tons and tons of parenting books to equip myself to be a mom. I have continued to pour over books ranging from money to celebrities to parenting to graphic design. By doing so, I have become more well-rounded and more successful because  I have more knowledge!

This page will be dedicated to all the books I recommend a young mother read to help them be successful, well rounded, and knowledgeable! I will continue to update as I find new books!



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