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Catholic Social Services

  1. Parent Link Program– For new parents this a great program! Catholic Social Services will send a Parent Link professional to your home to tackle any issues you may have with raising your child, questions you may have on the development of your child, and advice overall on your personal situations. Services include
  • Home-based parenting education
  • Assessment of your individual needs
  • Support and advocacy to help you be a nurturing parent with knowledge and understanding
  • Career development support
  • Referral to the local network of helping services

For more information, visit their site.

2.  Pregnancy Counseling-  Pregnant and don’t know what to do? Catholic Social                         Services specialists are available to just talk with and help you weigh your options in       our next step in the pregnancy. They can help whether you choose to parent or adopt.

For more information, visit their site.

The Glen

Is campus designed for single moms determined to make a better life for themselves. Here are some of the amazing benefits:

Personal Development

As a resident of the Glen, you have a place to develop your resources. Your Life Coach helps you determine your focus so you can build your skills and become the person you want to be. You get support to –

  • Identify your Life Values
  • Develop your career path and your plan to follow
  • Become the parent you want to be
  • Focus on your own education
  • Manage your money
  • Make better decisions
  • Grow spiritually

A Place to Live

You and your child are of primary importance while you are at the Glen. To help your family feel safe and reduce worry, the Glen provides –

  • Two bedroom furnished apartments with rent based on your income
  • Shared family and play areas
  • Back porch with fenced back yard playground
  • Special family events throughout the year
  • Training rooms for Glen Curriculum
  • Access to computers and printers
  • High quality on-campus child care
  • Non-denominational chapel

School for your child!

When you and your child come to live at the Glen, you have a high-quality early learning center for your children just across the parking lot!

  • Private 5-Star Early Learning Center (ELC) on the campus
  • High teacher-to-child ratio for each infant, toddler and pre-school classroom
  • ELC tuition co-pay based on your income
  • Regular one-to-one parent-child conferences
  • Individualized lesson plan for each child – 6 weeks through pre-school age
  • Nationally recognized Highscope curriculum

Become a Resident Here!

Food assistance

Here is a list of all the Food pantries in Dayton if you are ever in emergency need.

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Rent Assistance

Dayton has a program for individuals  who stand in need of financial assistance with their rent (restrictions apply)

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Low income housing

Income housing is where your income is determined off how much make you monthly. Here is a list of all the apartments in the Dayton area that are income based.

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